Indiana University

Diversity Outreach Comprehensive Science (DOCS) Initiative

The DOCS Initiative provides programming aimed at identifying and attracting students from underrepresented backgrounds and from varying socio-economic backgrounds to the biomedical science pipeline in preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry, biomedical basic science and clinical research, and allied health professions. Certified teachers and IU medical students provide mathematics, science and language arts instruction, hands-on laboratory exposure, as well as career awareness/ exploration activities. 

All DOCS programs are free, but an application is requiredThis year’s programs will take place from July 7 -25, 2014 on the IU School of Medicine (IUPUI) campus.  For more information, please contact the program director, Fred Hamilton, at fhamilto@iupui.edu.   

Brain Link

This three week, summer program enrolls one hundred 5th and 6th graders who focus on the brain’s anatomy and physiology.

Full-day training activities include:

  • dissections using the frog as the animal model;
  • mathematics and science instruction;
  • daily writing exercises and nightly reading assignments; and
  • exposure to medical practitioners’ specialties, tools and techniques.  

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Middle School Academy of Science and Health Sciences (MASH)

MASH provides one hundred 7th and 8th graders with full-day classroom and hands-on laboratory training centered on the essential requirements of living organisms.  Seventh graders investigate nutrition and digestion, while eighth graders study reproduction and DNA using the fetal pig as the animal model.

Training activities include:

  • hands-on laboratory dissections of the fetal pig;
  • early high school mathematics and science preparation;
  • daily written journal entries and nightly reading assignments; and
  • close contact with doctors, dentists, research scientists and allied health professionals.  

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High School Summer Enrichment

Two medical students plan, organize, and coordinate this three-week, health professions’ career awareness and exploration program that provides information to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors on pathways to healthcare careers.

Participants also receive instruction on how to:

  • take patient vital signs,
  • conduct and present basic biomedical research;
  • use the computer and medical library in research activities;
  • perform CPR (certification awarded by The American Red Cross); and
  • prepare competitive admission, financial aid and employment applications.

Also included are ACT/SAT workshops, career awareness speakers from the biomedical arena, and tours of healthcare facilities.

Health Career Clubs

Health Career Clubs are monthly, after school information sessions designed to increase knowledge of and promote interest in careers in medicine and allied health care professions.  Health care professionals provide 25-30 students at each participating high school with information on their areas of specialization and candid discussions on preparation and training requirements for health care careers. 

The DOCS Director selects the schools, identifies speakers, and coordinates a full slate of career awareness and exploratory activities that include tours of medical facilities and math/science tutorials. Clubs at eight IPS and charter high school sites are the focus of this activity.